Best Pickleball Balls – What You Need For The Best Game Ever!

If you are struggling with shopping for the best pickleball ball to satisfy your sports passion?

Then you are lucky not to miss out on our following article!

Pickleball is one of the most popular recreational activities among those up to their ears with work and having hardly any part-time for the gym, as this sport doesn’t require a lot of pickleball equipment and extra space to get started.

Preparing a pickleball paddle and a decent pair of shoes; what you need is only a few pickleball balls and a full spirit to have an excellent time with your beloved!

So what is the best pickleball ball?

Keep reading our article to find out both the best outdoor pickleball balls and indoor balls.


Top Outdoor Balls Review

Product ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls 4.9See latest price
Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleball balls4.86See latest price
Tourna Strike Outdoor Pickleball balls4.82See latest price
Jugs Pickleball balls4.78See latest price
Gamma Sports Photon Indoor Pickleball balls4.77See latest price
Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleball balls4.73See latest price

#1. Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball balls specifically designed and optimized for Pickleball

See the latest price

  • Product dimensions: 6.6 x 5.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Color: yellow

The first pickleball we want to introduce to you is this Onix Pure 2 Outdoor ball, a product from the Onix brand featuring the True flight technology.

This technology makes the ball fly even in any outdoor wind conditions, thus ensuring a comfortable and fair play.

Compared to pickleball of the other brands, the Onix Pure 2 seems heavier, harder, and boasts smoother plastic.

Thanks to those characteristics, the ball can withstand the adverse impacts of wind during the games and proves to be more durable and noisier to bear any smash shot.

Moreover, as most players have expected from an outdoor pickleball, the Onix pickleball shows smaller drilled holes, allowing easy hard strikes and more accurate shots with superior balance.

However, as this ball tends to come off the paddle harder, it is not as easy to control as indoor balls, which then requires more outdoor play and practice.


  • Designed with true flight technology
  • Provides consistent bounce
  • Ensures superior balance and hard-hit
  • Promises ultra-durability


  • Not easy to control

#2. Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleballs

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  • Product dimensions: 74 millimeters in diameter
  • Weight: 0.28 pounds
  • Color: optic yellow

If you are looking for an official ball meeting the USAPA standards to play in a tournament or any competitive games, Franklin Sports X-40 outdoor pickleball, a USAPA approved outdoor ball. 

Regarded as the top pickleball by players worldwide, the Franklin has successfully superseded any ball on the market with its premium quality and availability on any outdoor surface.

With the rotational molding and one-piece construction, this outdoor pickleball shows excellent strength and durable design and promises long-term use.

More importantly, what gains users’ trust and love is the 40 drilled holes precisely created by pickleball machines.

Those holes are evenly distributed, which reduce the chance of wind impacts and provide a balanced flight pattern.

Thanks to this beautiful feature, you are sure to receive fair pickleball games with your friends.


  • USAPA approved
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Ensures a balanced flight pattern
  • Strong and long-lasting construction


  • Nothing bad should be noted here.

#3. Tourna Strike Outdoor Pickleballs ( 12 packs) – USAPA Approved

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  • Product dimensions: 10.4 x 7.7 x 4.4 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Color: optic yellow

Is a buyer on a limited budget yet looking for high-quality outdoor pickleballs?

Tourna strike outdoor pickleball is your salvage, as it comes at such a relatively low price that any player can afford!

However, don’t underestimate its premium quality due to the low cost, as Tourna outdoor pickleball shows all desirable features!

Like other quality outdoor pickleball, the product also boasts 40 drilled holes precisely made by pickleball machines.

This design allows the pickleball to cut through the wind, reduce the interference, and ensure consistent bounce and straight flight.

Those outdoor balls come with an optic yellow color in terms of visibility, which is noticeable enough for you to see them at any weather circumstances like sunny or cloudy days.

Besides, its lightweight also allows players to make hard hits with ease and accuracy.

For proper storage, pickleball bags are included, which are large and durable enough to hold 12 packs at once.


  • Reasonable and affordable price
  • Bright yellow
  • USAPA approved


  • Tends to scuff and crack easily, which requires regular replacement.

Top Indoor Balls Review

#1. Jugs Pickleballs 

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  • Product dimensions: 13 x 9 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Color: lime green

When it comes to indoor play and indoor balls, Jugs indoor pickleball is sure to get first place in the pickleball selection list thanks to its impressive performance, great durability, and high visibility.

As expected of an indoor ball, Jugs balls are more lightweight and controllable than their counterparts, allowing a softer touch.

Besides, coming with a lime green color, these balls are so noticeable and easy to distinguish that players can easily track their movements and make more accurate shots.

Compared to outdoor ball lines, these balls feature longer rallies that offer players more balance and control, allowing you to get the highest score in no time. 

With that being said, it would be better to store and use those Jugs indoor pickleball properly, as they cannot withstand the harsh weather conditions.


  • Versatile and can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Comes at a relatively low price
  • Suitable for recreational games


  • Easy to crack and stuff

#2. Gama Sports Photon Indoor Pickleballs

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  • Product dimensions: 10 x 7.01 x 2.01 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Color: multi

The last indoor pickleball ball on our pickleball list is this Gama Sports Photon ball, showing all desired features of a quality indoor pickleball ball.

The most noticeable feature setting an indoor ball apart from an outdoor one is the number of drilled holes.

In the case of Gamma sports pickleball, it is designed with 26 holes, precisely made by pickleball machines, allowing players to navigate the positions and circumstances of indoor play for delivering precise shots.

What impresses customers first-time use is its two-piece construction, which ensures great strength and durability, outlasting almost any other balls for indoor games.

Besides, the rigid hardness of the structure also allows even and consistent bounces.

Simultaneously, the softness of the material makes the ball strike like a sweet pot, ensuring great control and thus comfortable and controllable games.

This Gama Photon is USAPA approved, suitable for sanctioned tournament play, competitive games, or recreational games in the gym with friends.

Don’t worry that it’s hard to recognize the balls in the evening, as the Gama balls come with an impressively optic green, enabling players to see it well in any conditions. 


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Provides good and even bounces
  • Comes with a balanced design


  • There may be some cracks around drilled holes.

#3.  Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleball

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  • Product dimensions: 8.82 x 3.07 x 2.13 inches
  • Item weight: 0.08 kilograms
  • Color: orange

Onix Fuse indoor ball is another USAPA approved ball, perfectly suitable for any professional and competitive games worldwide.

Available to use right out of the box, the Onix Fuse is sure to surprise you with its exceptionally beautiful features and its quality. 

What makes this product stand out from others on the market is the lower bounce and precisely drilled holes, retaining a soft touch and smooth, precise flight.

Moreover, the seam welding makes the ball last longer and more durable, promising long-term use with few external impacts.

Designed to have distinctive and noticeable yellow and orange colors, the ball can be seen clearly regardless of any court fields.

This feature creates a fair game and an enjoyable playing memory.


  • Highly visible
  • Durable and strong
  • Allows for great control


  • Comes in two limited colors

Buyers Guide

Buying balls in bulk

If you are working for a sports club, recreational centers, or schools that require regular exercise and practice, so need a high volume of pickleball balls, then the idea of buying in bulk is no longer that strange.

This is mainly because purchasing a pack of just six or twelve balls at once may be quite prohibitive and not so economical.

On the other hand, buying in bulk can save you a great deal of money and reduce millions of time rushing to the store to get new balls.

Commonly, a pack of 100 is highly popular, such as Onix pure two outdoor pickleball balls, lime green Jugs Indoor pickleball, and Franklin sports X-40 performance outdoor pickleball.

While Onix Pure 2 Pickleball is considered the most silent ball on the market, the Onix Fuse outdoor balls ensure a straight play without any preparation and provide better flight and precision. On the other hand, Jugs balls are suitable for those loving fast action and high bounces.

Pickleball ball brands

What is the best brand for pickleball balls? In general, there are three popular brands that you must have encountered when going shopping: Jugs, Gama, and Onix. 

The first brand is the best-selling indoor pickleball, made of soft plastic and suitable for any pickleball court surfaces like cement, tile, or smooth hardwood.

However, due to its lightweight, this indoor ball is hard to control, and it is not USAPA approved.

Overall, Jugs indoor ball is still a brilliant choice for recreational pickleball games and can be used as a midnight indoor pickleball.

Besides, suppose that you are looking for an official pickleball for tournament play.

In that case, you should not ignore the Onix brand, which meets USAPA standards and comes with all the needed features for a professional game.

Onix pickleball balls like Onix fast provide players with great bounces and true flight and reduce harsh weather conditions like strong winds.

However, this one is not suitable for beginners, as it is hard to control.

The last one is such a versatile pickleball that you must try once.

Onix picklebal balls are available in different variations, featuring a sweet pot, excellent balance, and extra-wide hitting surface.

It is also harder and more durable than other types. Onix fuse G2 indoor and outdoor pickleball is a prime example.

What to consider when buying pickleball balls?

So how can you buy a quality ball? What to look for when purchasing pickleball balls?

Durability and longevity

We bet that you don’t want to receive a briefly available ball, causing you a fortune to replace frequently.

While most pickleballs are made of durable plastic, you should touch and feel the thickness when choosing one.

The thicker it is, the more durable and long-lasting this ball becomes.


Products from renowned and reliable brands will guarantee you long-term use and excellent performances, so why not referring to such prestigious brands? Gam, Onix, Jugs, and Franklin Sports are just a few examples that you can consult.

Diameter and weight

Please choose a USAPA approved pickleball, as you can use it for recreational and professional games at once.

The recommended diameter is between 2.784 to 2.972 inches, while the weight should range from 22 to 26.5 grams to ensure a perfectly comfortable and excellent game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the specs required for official pickleball?

If you are looking for an official ball, here are some brief required specifications: uniform color, durable molded material with a smooth surface texture, printed brand names.

Besides, your balls also need to meet the diameter requirements from 2.784 to 2.972 inches. The weight ranges from 22 to 26.5 grams, and hardness between 75 and 80 degrees F. 

  • What are the differences between an indoor pickleball and an outdoor pickleball?

A newcomer to pickleball is sure to be puzzled between an indoor and outdoor pickleball. So how to distinguish between these two while they look so much the same? 

Generally, indoor pickleball is lighter, thinner, and boasts fewer holes as they don’t have to navigate the wind.

By contrast, outdoor pickleballs tend to feature a thicker design and different spots to withstand the harsh weather conditions and reduce the interferences of the wind. 

To have the best experience, it would be better if you prepare both.

  • What are pickleball balls made from?

Commonly, pickleball balls are made from durable plastic; however, depending on different types, the outer plastic layer’s thickness can vary greatly. For example, an indoor one is likely to feature a thinner plastic compared to an outdoor one.


It is not challenging to find a variety of pickleball balls on the market; however, choosing the best pickleball ball to suit your demand and skills is undoubtedly an uphill struggle.

No matter which one you opt for, your indoor and outdoor pickleball should stand any weather conditions and ensure a wonderful experience.

Therefore, we hope that our top pickleball ball recommendations above will be useful and chase your headache about the best one away! But now, let’s pick a pickle paddle and start your game!

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