How To Play Pickleball Like A Pro – A Thorough Tutorial

Pickleball is your favorite sport, but you haven’t known how to play pickleball like pro. In this post, we will show you the ways to become a pickleball pro.

Nowadays, pickleball is becoming a common sport, especially in European countries.

Pickleball attracts enthusiasts because of its easy-to-play rule, interesting gameplay, and available equipment. 

However, playing pickleball like a professional athlete has never been easy. How to play pickleball like a pro?

If you want to get rid of the disappointing loss and improve your skills, this article is right for you.

We will guide you to execute powerful and precise shots, keep your stamina, and avoid unwanted injury.


Tips On How To Play Pickleball Like Pro

Always Be In A Ready Positions

Before carrying out offensive shots towards your opponents, you must be ready to handle their shots first. For this reason, the position you stand is extremely important in playing professional pickleball games.

You have to bear in mind that your opponent will take your point when you lose your concentration and set up in the wrong position.

Standing in the proper position with a focused mind also helps when you want to score.

Your shots can only be executed with the best precision and power when performing the right movement in the right area.

Positioning is important in playing pickleball (*)

Define Who Is The Wicker Opponent

There will be 4 players on the pickleball court, 2 are your teammates and you, the others are your opponents. Commonly, the two players from the other side will have different playing levels.

Thus, you have to define who is the wicker one and deliver most of your shots to his position.

This way is particularly effective in keeping your energy but still winning the pickleball game by avoiding the stronger opponent to touch the ball. Don’t assume that this method is not fair play.

You don’t go against the law by playing like this because it is a tactical move.

Upgrade Your Paddle

In pickleball games, the pickleball paddle is a helpful side-kick of players.

The importance of paddle to pickleball players is like the significance of boost to soccer players. 

To execute powerful and accurate shots, apart from your strength and power, you have to equip yourself with a wonderful paddle.

Therefore, if you found any error with your pickleball paddle, don’t hesitate to buy a new one.

Furthermore, if you want to get into a new level in playing pickleball, you should invest more money in high-grade paddles.

We can affirm that they are worth-investing because advanced and expensive pickleball paddles are much more lightweight, durable, and stable than the cheap ones.

How to play pickleball like pro

How to play pickleball like pro (**)

Learn How To Perform Excellent 3rd Shot

Many players have lost their points when performing the 3rd shot by imposing too much force on it.

You have to bear in mind that the purpose of the 3rd shot is to create the chance for you to move near the net.

And then, you can deliver offensive shots with better results.

You can improve your 3rd shot hitting by:

  • Find a person to practice with
  • Your position is at the baseline while the other will stand at the non-volley spot
  • Repeatedly performing lob while changing your positions

Master Your Dink 

Dink is a crucial skill in pickleball games that you need to be competent in.

If you haven’t heard of this technique, let me introduce you.

Dink is to carry out soft shots from your non-volley spot.

The ball then goes over the net and drops on the non-volley spot of your opponents. Dink will help in the events that you need to slow down the pace of your pickleball games or score when the opponents are far from the net.

However, if you don’t master this technique, it may come with adverse effects.

For instance, when you impose too little force for a dink, the ball can’t go over the net, and you will lose your point.

Thus, you need to practice timing and moving your wrist swiftly to acquire a perfect dink.

Serve Your Pickleball Ball From The Center

If you perform your serving ball in a strategic way, you can gain an advantage over your opponents.

According to the specifications of pickleball nets, we can see that the net’s center spot is designed 2-inch lower.

Therefore, if you serve the ball near the center spot of the opposite court, your opponents will feel confused about whom of them will handle your serve.

This is your chance to score!

Be A Pro When It Comes To The Rule

In any sport, being a professional player doesn’t mean that you can master your skills, but it is also the requirement to thoroughly comprehend the rules.

By that, we mean before thinking of practicing physical techniques to become a pro, you need to learn the rules of pickleball.

Once you understand and follow the rules, you will know when to stop, to continue your games, which shots are acceptable or not, and so on.

Identify The Strategy And Communicate Well With Your Partner

As a matter of fact, pickleball is the game of 2 teams with 4 players.

Therefore, to attain a glorious win, you have to work well with your teammates. There are some tips to improve cooperation:

  • Practice with your teammate as much as possible
  • Carefully discuss the strategy before playing
  • You two have to identify which strategy to cope with different opponents

Bottom Lines

Playing pickleball is simple, but becoming a professional pickleball player is challenging.

Yet, with this post, we hope that we can help you a little bit on knowing how to play pickleball like a pro. 

Apart from completing all the categories we provide, you have to be ready to spend a large amount of time and effort to realize your dream of acquiring a professional pickleball championship.

Don’t waste your time anymore, stand up, and practice as soon as possible.



Image credit:

(*) Photo by Joan Azeka on Unsplash


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