Best Pickleball Shirts for Men and Women: You Will Thank Us Later!

Are you planning for a pickleball match but do not know what to wear? Then, you will love these best pickleball shirts, which are comfy and stylish!

Back then, apparels for pickleball – a casual sport, were frankly dull, for example, silly T-shirts, spoofs, and old shorts.

However, if you search for the best pickleball shirts nowadays, there are hundreds – no thousands of beautiful choices at your fingertips.

Thus, you turn out to be really confused, wondering what to choose.

Fortunately, we bring here a list of pickleball shirts that are comfortable, stylish, and affordable for both men and women.

Then, you can get a wardrobe mix no matter on and off the courts.

Check them all out now!

Product ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Mens Pickleball Performance Tee4.9See latest price
Men's Pickleball Pledge Performance T-Shirt4.86See latest price
Pickleball Pledge Women's Performance T-Shirt4.82See latest price
Womens Pickleball Performance Tee4.78See latest price
Pickleball Ladies T-Shirt4.77See latest price
Dink Responsibly Funny T-Shirt4.73See latest price
adidas Men's 3-Stripes Club Polo Shirt4.65See latest price
NIKE Mens Legend Short Sleeve Tee4.62See latest price
Hanes Men's Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt4.58See latest price
BALEAF Women's UPF 50+ Sun Protection T-Shirt 4.55See latest price
Fihapyli Workout Tops for Women4.54See latest price
Mippo Workout Tops for Women4.54See latest price


Best Men’s Dri-Fit Pickleball T-shirts

The Dri-Fit shirts were first introduced by Nike and soon became a preferred sports apparel.

Those shirts will keep you comfortable and dry during the pickleball match because sweat is supposed to evaporate quickly.

Thus, we want to recommend the Dri-Fit shirts for those who play under hot and humid conditions or practice pickleball for hours.

Ready to buy?

Then, you can consider the following two options:

One More? – Men’s Pickleball Performance Tee

Men’s Pickleball Pledge Performance T-shirt


The Men’s Dri Fit Pickleball Court Shirt and One More? – Men’s Pickleball Performance Tee models are both offered by the Dinkers & Bangers Store, so they share almost all features.

They are both preferred for their lightweights, roomy size, and breathable fabric.

This is thanks to the moisture-wicking technology and 100% polyester fabric. Multiple sizes are available for almost all men.

The difference is the design. The Men’s Dri Fit Pickleball Court Shirt is basic; meanwhile, the patterns on One More are customizable as your wish.

Just contact the seller, and they promise to hook you up.

Another choice is the Pickleball Pledge Performance.

This T-shirt looks interesting because it is printed with important elements of the game, say, Have Patience before Power!

Best Women’s Dri-Fit Pickleball T-shirts

The Dri-fit pickleball tees for women are also meant to be stretchy, cool, and second-skin fit like those for men.

However, the shirts are often smaller and more colorful.

Take the following models, for instance.

Pickleball Emoji Ladies Performance T-Shirt

 One More? – Women’s Pickleball Performance Tee

 Pickleball Pledge Women’s Performance T-Shirt

You can buy a couple of T-shirts like One More, Pickleball Up “Dink Responsibly” or Pickleball Pledge Performance to go to the pickleball matches together with your male partner.

They all look interesting enough to show the world your energetic, sporty side, but all the while modest enough so that nobody will think that you are dying for attention.

You can also check on the Pickleball Emoji with adorable emoji of tennis, ping pong, and badminton if you tend to lean toward anything flashy and exclusive in your choice for clothes.

Do you like them all?

Funny Pickleball T-shirts

Dink Responsibly Funny Pickleball T-Shirt

Many of us play pickleball for fun, so why don’t we make the match even more entertaining by wearing this Dink Responsibly Funny Pickleball T-Shirt?

This shirt comes in various sizes and colors for men, women, and youth.

Hence, it is a good choice for family T-shirts both on and off the courts!

About the quality, this shirt is classic-fit, double-needled, lightweight, and comfortable.

Men’s Best Overall Sporty Shirts

As their name suggests, overall sporty shirts are versatile enough for almost every sports and non-sport event, you can even put them on as casual wearing.

For the most part, those shirts are cool and durable enough to accommodate all your strong movements as you cheer for your favorite team when the matches heat up.

Moreover, they are often basic in design to fit different situations.

Adidas Men’s 3-Stripes Club Polo Shirt

NIKE Men’s Legend Short Sleeve Tee

Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve Cool Dri

Nike and Adidas apparels are a no-brainer because the shirts are made with the latest technologies in the market.

For instance, the Adidas 3-Stripes Club Polo features ventilated-mesh panels under the arms and on the back to guarantee breathability.

Meanwhile, Nike short-sleeve tee adopts its patented Dri-FIT fabric to remain dry and comfy over time.

Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve Cool Dri also has Dri technology but coming as an affordable set of two T-shirts.

Women’s Best Overall Sporty Shirts

The ladies’ overall sporty shirts are similar to the men’s ones, meaning that the shirts are durable and comfortable at max.

 BALEAF Women’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection

 Fihapyli Workout Tops for Women

 Mippo Workout Tops for Women

Ladies, there is no standard for pickleball apparel. Just put on stuff that makes you comfortable the most.

You can go for the traditional long-sleeve BALEAF Women’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection if you play on very sunny courts.

Otherwise, choose tops like Fihapyli Workout Tops for Women and Mippo Workout Tops for Women.

They will keep the air flowing and create a cool and light experience when you sport!

Buying Guide

Choosing a T-shirt seems very simple and straightforward until you have to select a specific type.

Lucky you, the following buying guide will be helpful.

What to look for in a shirt for pickleball?

It is similar to how you pick up a sports shirt.

In other words, you must consider the good fit, comfortable design, relaxed and easy-to-maintain fabric, as well as preferred colors and patterns.


Any style’s cornerstone is a good fit, meaning the shirt should neither be too tight nor too baggy.

Thus, you had better pick up the right dimensions in shoulders, sleeves, and length.

T-shirt neck shapes

The designs of a shirt are often different in neck styles.

There are two options available: the crew neck collars and the v-neck collars.

The crew neck shirts are classic and suitable for those with a slight frame and build.

Meanwhile, v-neck shirts are less formal. Not only are those T-shirts comfortable for pickleball matches, but they also add more visual interest to your style.

Nonetheless, it would help if you avoided the deep v-neck shirts that might expose your bodies when you play.

Sleeve T-shirts

You can choose the short-sleeve or long-sleeve pickleball T-shirts – mostly based on the temperature and weather.

For instance, short-sleeve shirts are better for hot weather, as long as you play indoors.

In case the weather is cold, or there is sunlight outside, you should wear long-sleeve shirts instead.

They will help cover your arms from cold winds or harmful UV.

The sleeveless shirts are less common, although they provide freedom of movement.

Those shirts are also helpful as a base layer under the warmer shirt when you feel cold.


When it comes to pickleball T-shirts and sport shirts – in general, you should choose ones made from cotton or polyester.

The cotton shirts are affordable, comfortably cool, and static-resistance in its nature.

This material is also easy-to-clean and maintainable. The cotton blend with polyester is also a decent option.

However, shirts made of complete polyester – especially those with the advanced Dri-Fri technology might be the best.

They can wick away the moisture and sweat better. This makes the polyester T-shirts are also ideal for pickleball matches.

Colors and patterns

Almost all shirts are divided into classic and graphic models.

The classic models are in traditional solid colors like white, navy, gray, or black.

They are easy to wear because they look great on all skin tones.

Graphic tees now become more popular because they are popularly casual than classic ones.

You can take a look at some T-shirts we introduced above.

Get several shirts to best cope with the weather.

The most important factors in terms of weather are the material and the sleeve designs, as we mentioned above.

For instance, the cotton and short-sleeve shirts are cooler – good for summer, and the thick materials and long-sleeve shirts are for cold weather.

You might also buy a couple of sleeveless shirts to wear under other shirts when the weather goes bad.

Reliable brands to buy pickleball shirts

Providing that you still do not know what to choose after reading all of the above, you can go for the following reliable brands that offer quality and versatile shirts.


How should I dress for pickleball?

You can buy some pickleball shirts and mix them with athletic shorts, sweatpants, and other wicking apparel – as long as they are fit, comfortable, and weather-minded.

Especially, choose an appropriate pair of court shoes that are well fit and supportive for the game’s side-to-side actions. Also, eye protection is essential, so you must wear visors, hats, or sweatbands.

What are the best bags for pickleball

By the way, when we are mentioning the pickle apparels, some might also wonder, “what is the best pickleball bag?”

We recommend sling bags because they are lightest and convenient to bring all lockers, shoes, and clothes on the go. Take the Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack, for example.

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What else do I need when playing pickleball?

Besides the apparel and the bag, you must also bring Pickleball paddles, balls, nets, and other gears like protective glasses, hats, gloves, and shoes.


We hope that you can pick up some models from the best pickleball shirts above.

Do not forget to refer to the buying guide so that you can make a wise choice to enjoy pickleball matches.

In case you do not know what to choose, you can consider the overall sporty shirts to wear on and off the courts.

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