All You Need To Know About Pickleball Strategy

You are searching for a strategy to win pickleball? A plan of action needs to be done as a single member. Let’s discover the essential pickleball strategy.

Pickleball strategy

Pickleball strategy (*)

For anyone who has played pickleball, “how to play pickleball?” or “what is pickleball strategy?” are among the most frequently asked questions!

Well, for each type of playing, including team playing and single playing, you will need to have a different strategy. No more words, what about getting to know pickleball strategy now?


Strategy For Singles

Pickleball strategy for single (**)

First, let’s start with the single playing type!

For most pickleball doubles players, the game with its social interactions, long rallies, and low physical requirements is their cup of tea.

Meanwhile, as a singles player, you will have to focus and move quickly in a short amount of time.

As a result, single playing helps to enhance your technique and stamina for doubles.

If you want to take advantage of this game for your weight loss, single playing is for you as it can burn 9 times more calories than a group of two.

The following are some tips for you as a single player:


When you are alone in a match, hitting is a pretty important technique as it can help you win the stamina of the opponent. So, what should you notice?

Try For A Deep And Hard Serve And Return  

As a singles player, you might get points mostly through serves and returns shot or passing and volley hit.

If you go for a deep serve, your opponent will usually face a weak return. This way of playing will make the opposite side hard to approach the ball and fall into the net.

A deep and hard return 

This strategy is really effective as it will give you time to advance to the next hit and make your rival get trouble in creating a tough passing shot.

To start, you can try the serves and returns hit on your left side, within about three feet from the baseline.

Targeting the corners

Another note for hitting strategy is targeting the corners:

While playing in a group of two, your hitting target is between those two and at the center.

However, for singles, aiming at the corners and hitting deep might keep your competitor moving frequently.

That will consume a lot of energy from your opponent, and you will get the victory more easily.

You can make your corner hit perfectly if it is, approximately, one foot to the inside of the line.


Now you must be ready for the hitting, but do you know that positioning is also important to help you?

Try to approach the kitchen line. Unlike tennis, in pickleball, you will have rigid balls and paddles, and play on a small court.

As a result, passing the ball over the net is very difficult. And the more you get near the net, the more likely you can get the points.

With all the above skills, you might be strong enough to play in a couple.

But you have to know that, for doubles, there are tips too. What are they? Let’s find out in the next part.

Strategy For Doubles

Pickleball strategy for double

Pickleball strategy for doubles (***)

Certainly, there are many different strategies for doubles. These following strategies, however, are the base that you must have.

Get Your Team To The Net ASAP

The same as in singles, getting near to the net is also important in double playing.

You both need to pick your time and move to the net. Be aggressive when making your decision to approach the net.

It will be much easier to win points if both you and your partner are just 7 feet apart from the net and no more than 22 feet.

Improve Your Pickleball Serve

For your pickleball serve, the first goal is to hit as deep as you can.

As the return-of-server will always target the non-volley line, keeping your serve deep might prevent your opponent from making the way up to the line.

For your pickleball serve, instead of serving at a low pace within the baseline, you should hit a tough ball landing deep on the other side of the court.

Return To Serve Strategy

When you return to the server, you should get advantages from a deep return-of-serve.

The most important benefit is that you and your partner can have more time to find the return-of-serve and approach the non-volley line.

From that, the serving team might make a longer shot and trouble in executing the third shot successfully.

Keep Your Opponents Pinned To The Baseline

If your team is at the non-volley line while your rivals are not, you should keep their team pinned back.

At this point, you will have the advantage of winning the game if you make use of the position.

By hitting a shorter shot, you can bring your opponents to the non-volley line and get nothing.

A better strategy for your team is to hit to keep your rivals deep in their court, and from that, you can maintain your rally advantages.

Communication Is Key 

As with any other teamwork activities, communication in the doubles pickleball team is really important.

Especially when there is a shot hit in the court center, both you and your teammate might be uncertain about which one might hit it.

Therefore, right when the game starts, you should agree on who will be in charge of the middle shots.

Sometimes, you might decide the general rule that whoever is on the forehand side with the middle shot will be the person in charge.

But make sure to communicate with the other by yelling if it is for “you” or “me.”

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101 by Joe Baker


The above are just some of the pickleball strategies that will help you become a good pickleball player as a single and a partner.

Make sure to apply as many of these strategies as you can in the match. Hope you have the best time in your game. Pickleball strategy, no more troubles! Cheer!


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