Best Pickleball Bags Reviews – Which One Is For You?

If you are still confused about choosing the best pickleball bags, this post is right for you. Please scroll down and check out our pickleball bags reviews.

Pickleball is a sport that combines the rules and playing methods of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. Therefore, the must-have equipment for this sport is a ball, a net, and rackets. Apart from these crucial accessories, you always need to bring along some other stuff like a water bottle, a cooling towel, or sunglasses.

For this reason, you should opt for some useful pickleball bags for convenient carrying of your accessories when going to the pickleball courts. Besides, a well-designed pickleball bag will make you look more stylish to feel more confident before playing. Now, let’s have a look at our best pickleball bags review below.


Best Pickleball Bags Review

Product ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack is Designed to Carry Paddles, Balls, Apparel, and Water Bottles4.9See latest price
Amazin' Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack4.86See latest price
Pioneeryao 19'' Sling Bag Backpack Crossbody Bag Shoulder Bag4.82See latest price
Pik'le'Ball Women's Premium Pickleball Bag. (Pink/Black)4.78See latest price
Sling Bag Backpack, SEEU Ultralight Shoulder Bag Chest Bag for Women Men Kid 20L4.77Sling Bag Backpack, SEEU Ultralight Shoulder Bag Chest Bag for Women Men Kid 20LSee latest price
Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag – Official Pickleball Bag of The U.S. Open Pickleball Championships4.73See latest price
Athletico Sling Bag - Crossbody Backpack for Pickleball, Tennis, Racketball, and Travel for Men and Women4.65See latest price

#1 Onix Pickleball Backpack-Best Overall

We can confidently guarantee you that the Onix’s pickleball bag will provide you with the utmost comfort and a big storage space thanks to its extraordinary manufacturing process.

Despite having an expanded size compared to usual backpacks, this Onix doesn’t seem to be cumbersome for you to handle. This reflects in its ergonomic design with reasonable size and a backpack-like shape that fits nearly all body forms. With this wonderful pickleball bag, you will have the sense of using a world-class backpack.

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Honestly, getting sweaty on the back when carrying a backpack is always a fear to many people. Yet, this Onix is the opposite. To be exact, on the bag’s lateral sides, the company applies breathable mesh fabric, which is efficient to avoid stuffiness. Therefore, you can always keep your cool body temperature.

Furthermore, the various and spacious compartments are the vital factors that contribute to the pickleball bag’s quality. And, this Onix offers five different compartments. The numerous storage of the pickleball bag from Onix will satisfy anyone who comes to the pickleball court with lots of accessories. 

Coming with a high-end product is commonly a high price. This is also the drawback of this Onix backpack. With the money spent on a single Onix model, you can purchase more than one pickleball bag from other brands.


  • Exceptional storage capability
  • Well-designed 
  • Simple to carry
  • Noticeable trademark


  • Expensive

#2 Amazin’Aces Pickleball Backpack-Best For Design

Compared to the Onix above, this one has a design that looks relatively the same. Yet, the product from Amazin’Aces is more compact. Since this bag is specially designed for pickleball, it doesn’t have to be overly bulky to contain every necessary gear for your games. Plus, this model’s great design is appropriate to be handled by people of any age and gender.

Let’s get into the details. The Amazin’Aces pickleball backpack’s zipper lid is expanded so that you can put in 4 paddles with various shapes. Besides, the company utilizes the space of the lateral sides to create more storage for you. On the one side, there is a pickleball holder that is able to comprise four balls. On the other side, there are two compartments with zippers for you to contain additional accessories like cooling neck wrap, hat, or towel.

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Moreover, so as to provide users with complete comfort while using, the Amazin’Aces has its backing and shoulder straps padded. Hence, there will be no shoulder-fatigue and back-sweating when you carry this bag, no matter how many items you put into it.

The downside of this pickleball bag lies in the nondurable top handle strap. If the bag is overloaded, the handle may wear out soon.


  • Perfect design for pickleball
  • Spacious storage
  • Padded shoulder straps and backing


  • Nondurable top handle strap

#3 Pioneeryao Crossbody Pickleball Bag-Any Spot Can Be Utilized For Storing

Pioneeryao has surprised its customers with the way they utilize every spot on the crossbody pickleball bag to boost the capacity. Let’s see.

The product from Pioneeryao comes with such a compact design. To be exact, the dimensions of this pickleball crossbody bag are 11.5’’x5’’x18’’ in length, width, and height, respectively. Because of the small shape, the inner storage of this model is efficient to contain up to 2 paddles and a few pickleballs with two compartments with zippers. 

Yet, the manufacturer applies some extra storing spaces on the outside. Therefore, you can carry more items with this product, but the outside storage is for small objects only.

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On the lateral side of the bag, there will be a holder for you to put in the water bottle. However, this spot can be used to hold some pickleball if needed. Plus, on the strap, you can find a secret anti-theft pocket for you to store keys, ATM cards, or a little amount of money. Furthermore, at the end of the strap, you can hang your sunglasses with a hang buckle.

The drawback of this model is the tight carrying strap. Although the strap is adjustable, it still seems to be inconvenient to some people.


  • Water-resistant
  • Various storing space in spite of the compact design
  • Breathable fabric


  • Tight strap 

#4 Pik’le’Ball Pickleball Tote Bag-Best For Women

Coming to the pickleball court with a stylish outfit is a desire of any player, especially the female. Apart from clothes, a girly tote bag is an indispensable item for women to bring to their pickleball games.

As the name infers, this pickle bag from Pik’le’Ball features the design of a tote bag, which is commonly seen in the outlook of female handbags. For this reason, the product from Pik’le’Ball is extremely appropriate for women. Furthermore, this pickleball tote bag is sold with 2 color options, one is Black/Pink, and the other is Blue/White. These two colors are really simple to mix with clothes of female users.

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More interestingly, the storing capacity of this product is also specially made for women. Since the designated paddle holder outside can contain up to 3 paddles, the inner storage can be used to put women’ handy items like detox bottles, sunscreen, extra clothes, lipstick, and so on.

Nonetheless, the zippers of these two compartments are not durable. They can be broken if you don’t use them with care.


  • Girly outlook
  • Creative storage design
  • Rubber feet for stable stand


  • Nondurable zippers

#5 SEEU Pickleball Bag-Prominent Materials

The company takes advantage of high-quality polyester material to manufacture this pickleball bag so that the total weight of this model can be minimized to its utmost. To be specific, the pickleball bag from SEEU weighs only 7oz, a suitable weight for anyone to carry.

Moreover, the material used to make this bag is resistant to water and tear. Hence, bringing this one under the rainy condition will never be a hindrance.

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Unlike other pickleball bags with dime material on the back that causes sweating and stuffiness, this SEEU offers breathable nylon mesh layers to keep your back in cool and airy conditions. Plus, all the zippers are made from sturdy SBS metal to ensure the smooth opening and closing in the long term. Also, if you sometimes accidentally open/close the zippers with a vigorous force, they can still function well 

Among these great features above, the downside of this SEEU pickleball bag is that its strap is quite flimsy. If you have it handle a massive amount of weight on a frequent basis, it might snap.


  • Extraordinary material
  • Various storing spots
  • Can be worn with different styles


  • Improper strap 

#6 Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag-The Most Well-known One

If you are used to buying things according to the reputation of the brand name, this Franklin Sports will meet your demand. All of the products in this top list, no matter how excellent they are, none of them can be used as the official pickleball bag for the U.S.Open pickleball Championships like this one.

Furthermore, the Franklin Sports pickleball bag is the favorite accessory of one of the best pickleball players in the world, Ben Johns. We assume that these two aspects are enough to affirm the quality of this model. Yet, let’s have a more detailed look to find out why it can be such a well-known pickleball bag brand.

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The product of Franklin Sports allows you to contain up to 6 paddles, some X-40 performance pickleball, additional accessories with 3 zipper-closure compartments. Apart from all the fundamental accessories for a pickleball game, you can carry a lot of extra items like a cooling towel, water bottle, so on.

As for wearing experience, this product also satisfies every user. This Franklin Sports has an adjustable shoulder strap with support pads on the back to reduce pressure imposed on your muscle.

The drawback of this product lies in the zippers. They can easily become frayed and unusable.


  • Famous brand name
  • Spacious storage
  • Comfortable wearing experience


  • Poorly-made zippers

#7 Athletico Pickleball Bag-Best For Customer Service

No one wants to waste money on a product that is poorly made and put together. When you, unfortunately, opt for an item that doesn’t meet your needs, not only your mood but also your experience will be under profound impact. Hence, this Athletico will guarantee you with a complete user-friendly policy so that you will have the most wonderful time with it.

This brand is so confident about the quality of its pickleball bag that it guarantees to give your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase. To be specific, you just have to return the pickleball bag to the store you picked it up, and you will get a full refund.

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However, we bet that with the following features, you will never think of returning this product from Athletic. 

To begin with, it has numerous compartments and pockets, even anti-theft pockets for you to contain your fundamental items to the pickleball court. This convenience is strengthened the shoulder straps are reversible to ensure that you can wear this bag on whichever side you want. 

The disadvantage of this pickleball bag is the strap, which is nylon-based. Some users have reported that this strap causes skin irritation.


  • Exceptional user-friendly policy
  • Numerous compartments and pockets
  • Convenient to use


  • Nylon strap may cause skin irritation

Pickleball Bag Buying Guide

#1 How Many Types Of Pickleball Bags Are There?

Commonly, there are four types of pickleball bags. They are sling bags, duffle bags, tote bags, and backpacks. Hence, you can go for the most suitable one with your style and your needs.

#2 What To Consider When Buying A Pickleball Bag?

  • Space: This is the most crucial factor when you buy any type of bag, not pickleball bags only. However, spacious storage doesn’t always come with a bulky design. 
  • Straps: Well-made straps will help you to have a wonderful wearing experience, and they won’t cause fatigue and irritation to your muscles. 
  • Material: This aspect plays a decisive role in making the product lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. Therefore, you can use it with more convenience.
  • Type: The style of your outfit should match the type of pickleball bags. Usually, male players opt for duffle bags and backpacks because of their sporty and active design. On the contrary, women tend to use tote and sling bags with a girly and elegant outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What Equipment Do I Need For Pickleball?

  • Pickleball paddles
  • Balls
  • Pickleball bags
  • Water bottle
  • Towel to clean sweat

#2 Is Pickleball Easy To Learn?

Like other sports, you have to spend quite a lot of time getting used to playing pickleball. However, if you have played tennis, table tennis, or badminton before, you can soon master your skill in pickleball.

#3 How Long Does A Game Of Pickleball Last?

According to the international rules of pickleball, a game of pickleball will come to an end when a player first reaches 11 points while leading 2 points. Therefore, the time of a pickleball game will depend on how fast a side can win the game.


We have provided you with the reviews of the best pickleball bags Hopefully, now you can decide what is the best pickleball bag that can meet your demand. 

In fact, each product in our top list has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, we can guarantee that they are the prominent models being sold on the market in terms of quality, design, and storing capability. Plus, these pickleball bags above are designed in different types to suit your gender.

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