Pickleball Net Height: How High Should A Pickleball Net Be?

So, How tall is a pickleball net, anyway?

When it comes to pickleball net height, you guys must be confused about choosing a net with an appropriate height. But now we’re sure that this purchase won’t trouble you anymore.

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Pickleball Net Height: How High Is A Pickleball Net?

As far as we know, the pickleball net is fundamentally redesigned from the badminton net.

Therefore, you can’t replace the former with the latter as it fails to meet the standard of the sport, not to mention the requirements for both are a world apart from each other.

Instead, the only choice here is to get a pickleball net with the right height.

But even when you are well aware of that, it still does not make your job a tiny bit easier.

You are still clueless as to the question: “What is the height of a pickleball net?”, right?

Well, here is the secret!

The top of the net should be 36 inches high around the sideline areas, and 34 inches high at the court center.

Many people may also ask: “What is the size of a pickleball net?”

Overall, the standard measurement of this particular item is 20 feet by 3 feet, and most nets made for this sport are shaped according to this.

We assure you that these specifications are pretty much reliable because they are the standard regulation height confirmed by the official USAPA tournament rule book.

Alternatives for pickleball net with ideal height

In case you cannot get a pickleball net no matter how many shops you rush in looking for it, you can adjust your old tennis court net instead.

There is a little problem though.

A tennis court has extensive square footage three times larger than a pickleball court does.

To illustrate this, a pickleball court has 20′ x 44′ dimensions while a tennis court has 36′ x 78′ dimensions, which include the doubles alleys.

For this reason, you need to set the center strap of your tennis net down to 34 inches, which is higher the pickleball net’ edges just a bit.

If you proceed with a careful adjustment, you can have a legit net for your upcoming pickleball match without having to purchase a brand new one.

Other than that, if you can’t modify the tennis court net on your own, a pickleball net height adjuster is might come in handy.

All you have to do is to make a hole at three points on the ground under the net.

Then, you have to push the ropes which hook into the net’s top-down until the net has reached the correct height. And your job is done!


After this detailed writing, you must embrace all the knowledge of pickleball net height, don’t you?

We hope that you could choose your desired pickleball net with the right height, or manage to adjust the standard height according to our instructions.

Thank you so much for reading! Stick around if you are eager for some more riveting sport-related news 😉

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